Optimally designed parts

Topology optimization made simple

Swan allows you to design, optimize, and 3D print parts and metamaterials that suit your needs.


Cantilever anisotropy

Optimization of a cantilever beam with an anisotropy constraint.

Cantilever 3D

Topology optimization in 3D using density-based methods.

Negative Poisson

Metamaterial with a negative Poisson's ratio

Additive manufacturing

Result of 3D printing Swan-generated material.

Compliant mechanism

Design of a flexible gripping mechanism.

Lattice structures

Dehomogezination of lattice structures from a homogenized solution.

Try it yourself

Swan is completely free and open-source, so download the code and start optimizing! Feel free to contact us if you want to add a new feature or are not quite sure how to tackle your problem.